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Some of Casalbeau's Past Greats

Being an animal lover all my life, I had a friend Marquritte who showed Poodles and Border Collies, I went to shows with her and got the bug, so I started my task in 1978 of choosing the breed I wanted to love for a life in The Dog World.

I purchased my first beagle from Robyn Nicholls in 1979, (she was a great help and teacher) “Beau”, his pedigree name was Timbillee That’s Beau, he gained his title, with some great wins, including Best in Show at Liverpool & D.A.B.K.C. in August 1981.

“Casalbeau” began in 1979 and was formed from, my Dad always called me “Cas”, my middle name Alecia and Beau my first beagle.

I lived in Hurstville in a terrace house which only had a small yard, and having five beagles outgrew the property. So in 1986 I moved to Llandilo, a terrific 5 acres, well set up for dogs.

This was the Home of some of my best efforts of breeding, such as Beau, Belle, Churchill, Chantress, Connie, Bittie, Scottie, Cheddington, Caddie, Willie, Corrinne, Cravat, Cello, Curtly, Rena, Cliqueman, Cymphony, Blanche, Bing, Chynne, Cyd, Cylk, Polo, Magic, Issi and Whoopi.

Check out my site and see photos, pedigrees, and wins. Present count of 25 Champions, including Specialty BIS & RUBIS and two Awards of Merit (NBCA).

In 1998, I was lucky enough to be able to welcome “Hardy” to Casalbeau, Aust. & N.Z. Ch. Burnsdale Anything Goes (imp NZ) AOM, thanks to Ruth Mason. Hardy was a true pleasure to have, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity of having such a stud dog on duty. There are many that carry his bloodlines in the show ring today.

I am presently a member of the Dogs N.S.W. and a couple of other Kennel Clubs. In 2003, I was honoured with Life Membership of The Beagle Club of N.S.W. (holding every position on the committee in the past twenty-two years). I am a licensed Beagle judge, having had the privilege of judging my home Club, The Beagle Club of N.S.W. Ch. Show in 2001, the Beagle Club of Western Australia Ch. Show in 2002 and The Beagle Club of Victoria Ch. Show in Sept. 2010.

In May 2011 I moved to Mittagong (which is about 80 mins drive south of Sydney) in the beautiful Southern Highlands and am enjoying renovating my new home which is over 100 years old!